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Jul 19, 2014

Sean Costello (Big Road Blues); Microwave Dave and The Nukes (Tire Man); Chris James and Patrick Rynn (It Always Can Be Worse); Jerimiah Marques (Ain't That Lovin' You); Luther Johnson Jr. (Got Papers On You Baby); Mattie Delaney (Tallahatchie River Blues); Robert Curtis Smith (Sunflower River Blues); Johnny Winter (I Got Love If You Want It); Johnny Winter (Everybody's Blues); Blue Moon Marquee (Troubles Callin'); The MacKenzie Blues Band (Down With Love - Slam! Bam!); Otis Taylor (Yellow Car, Yellow Dog); Dennis Gruenling with Doug Deming and The Jewel Tones (Rockin' All Day); Rockin' Jake (Hit The Highway); B.B. and The Blues Shacks (Businessmen); Albert Cummings (Workin' Man Blues).