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Jun 6, 2009

The Mannish Boys with Finis Tasby (Lonesome Bedroom Blues); Greg Nagy (Not Falling In Love); Guy Davis (Can't Be Satisfied); Charlie Spand (Fetch Your Water); Teddy Darby (Lawdy Lawdy Worried Blues); The Derek Trucks Band (Drown In My Own Tears); Long John Hunter and Lonnie Brooks (Alligators Around My Door); Algia Mae Hinton (Going Down This Road); Mattie Delaney (Down The Big Road Blues); Debbie Davies (Half Caf-Decaf); Joanne Shaw Taylor (Bones); Carl Martin (Joe Louis Blues); Sammy Hill (Needin' My Woman Blues); The Robin Hoare Band (Living On The Easy Plan); Koko Taylor (Wang Dang Doodle).