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Sep 7, 2019

Altered Five Blues Band (Great Minds Drink Alike); Son Seals (Last Four Nickels); Lloyd Jones (Nickels And Dimes); The Blues And Boogie Kings with Mitch Kashmar (Good Morning Little Schoolgirl); Di Anne Price (Fisherman's Blues); Lucille Spann (Everybody's Fishing); Charley Patton (Jersey Bull Blues); Lead Belly (Bull Cow); Louisiana Red (Locked Up So Long); The Mississippi Swamp Dogs (When It All Comes Down); Lucky Peterson (The Son Of A Bluesman); Arsen Shomakhov (Rain City Blues); John Lee Hooker (The Healer); Irvin 'Gar Mouth' Lowry (Boll Weevil); Watermelon Slim (Saint Peter's Ledger).