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Mar 21, 2020

Jelly Roll Kings (I Didn't Know); Taj Mahal (Tomorrow May Not Be Your Day (1970 version)); James Harman (Tomorrow May Be Gone); Avey Grouws Band (Devil May Care); King Solomon Hicks (What The Devil Loves); William Clarke (Must Be Jelly); Jontavious Willis (The Blues Is Dead?); Robert Pete Williams (Almost Dead Blues); Lil' Ed and Dave Weld (I'm Not A Slave); John Lee Hooker (Canal Street Blues); Lightnin' Hopkins (Walkin' The Streets); Big Creek Slim (Alright Baby); Washboard Sam (I'm A Prowlin' Groundhog); Lil' Son Jackson (Ground Hog Blues); Little G Weevil (Which Way Shall I Go).