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Dec 5, 2020

Benny Turner (I Can't Leave); Bobby Joe Holman (You Don't Have To Go); Harmonica Shah and Howard Glazer (Who's Been Talking?); Mercy Dee Walton (Five Card Hand); Albert Collins (T-Bone Shuffle); Henry Gray and Bob Corritore (Going Down Slow); Little Milton (Lump On Your Stump); Erskine Oglesby (I Have The Same Old Blues); Blind Mamie Forehand (Wouldn't Mind Dying If Dying Was All); Lil McClintock (Mother Called Her Child To Her Dying Bed); W.C. Clark (Why I Got The Blues); Roscoe Chenier (My Baby's Leaving); Johnny Adams (Who Will The Next Fool Be); Jon Hines (Riverside Rambler); Little Chevy (Riverside); Cyril Neville (You Can Run But You Can't Hide).