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Mar 27, 2021

The Bluescasters (Who Told My Wife); Sharon Lewis and Texas Fire (Please Mr. Jailer); Demetria Taylor (Bad Girl); JP Williams Blues Band feat. Ekat Pereyra (Don't Let The Devil Ride); Steve Keenan (Whiskey Drinking Blues); Half Deaf Clatch (Hill Country Rain); St. Louis Red Mike Bailey (Wash My Hands Nice And Clean); Whistlin' Rufus (Tired Of Sleepin' By Myself At Night); Louisiana Red and Sugar Blue (Soon Forgotten); Brigitte DeMeyer (Louisiana); Damon Fowler (Taxman); Deborah Coleman (Something's Wrong); Larry Garner (Car Seat Baby); Tommy McClennan (You Can Mistreat Me Here); Kerry Pastine and The Crime Scene (All Night Long).