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Aug 28, 2021

Jerett Samples (Throw It Away); Maria Muldaur (I Looked Down The Line (And I Wondered)); Marcia Ball (I Want A Tall Skinny Papa); Dave Clark's Blues Swingers (West Side Baby); Blind Richard Yates (Sore Bunion Blues); Happy Holmes (Solid Ground); Good Morning Blues (Consider Me Gone); Gabe Stillman (Give Me Some Time); James Montgomery Band (Yonders Wall); Cecil Gant (Nashville Jumps); Wynonie Harris (My Baby's Barrel House); Doug Cox and Salil Bhatt (Freedom Raga); Jon Shain and FJ Ventre (Never Found A Way To Tame The Blues); Christine Kittrell (Next Door To The Blues); Krissy Matthews (The Man Said No).