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Dec 11, 2021

Mississippi MacDonald (That's It I Quit (Radio Edit)); Hans Theessink and Big Daddy Wilson (Pay Day); Lowell Fulson (Pay Day Blues); Frankie Lee Sims (Raggedy And Dirty); Jerimiah Marques and The Blue Aces (What Will Lucy Do); Little Charlie and The Nightcats (I Don't Drink Much); Johnny Shines (Ramblin' On My Mind); Sam Mitchell (Hellhound On My Trail); Dr. Harp's Medicine Band (Doctor Write Me A Prescription For The Blues); Marcia Ball (Hurricane On China Lake); Quique Gomez and Luca Giordano (Woman Don't Lie); Spider John Koerner (Things Ain't Right); Tommy Johnson (Lonesome Home Blues (Take 1, unissued)); Houston Stackhouse (Big Road Blues); Michael Bloom and The Blues Prophesy (No Luck At All); Kern Pratt (Somewhere South Of Memphis).